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6 Healthy Ways to Enjoy the Joy of Missing Out

According to Urban Dictionary, JOMO is the "Joy of Missing Out." Simply defined, you're focused on what you're doing in the present now rather than on social media broadcasting or viewing what everyone else is doing. The inverse of FOMO, or the fear of missing out.JOMO is defined as choosing what makes you happy and being deliberate about how you spend your time. It is being fully present without thinking about missing out on something or how it will appear on social media. Since the pandemic, many of us have been suffering FOMO, or the fear of missing out, which has had an impact on our mental health.  So, how do you deal? 1. DISCONNECT FROM TECHNOLOGYReduce your time spent on...

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How to Overcome FOMO

Social networking can be both a blessing and a curse. It's excellent for getting in contact with old friends, meeting new people with similar interests, and exchanging ideas—but it's also a breeding ground for self-comparison, like a bully who eats away at your self-esteem. Its preferred weapon? FOMO is an abbreviation for "fear of missing out."FOMO is defined as a sense of inferiority and anxiety over missing out on significant experiences caused by self-comparison and exacerbated by social media. It's rife, with more than half of all social media users and over two-thirds of Millennials reporting such concerns. Here are a few suggestions for dealing with your crippling FOMO and living the kind of life you don't want to miss...

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Reasons Why Minimalism Is Beneficial To Your Mental Health During A Pandemic

Minimalists recognize what is truly valuable.When you get rid of 80 percent of your belongings in a year, you acquire insight into what is truly valuable and what is just fluff. In a time like this, we need to be able to rapidly separate the things that will add value to our lives from the things that will add noise. The news and social media can be full of junk and information that adds to your anxiety and panic, but social media is also an amazing place for connection and exposure to new ideas for instilling hope and positivity that may uplift you or provide you with the exact tool you need at the exact moment you need it. The...

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5 Benefits of Green Tea To Your Skin

Made from the lightly steamed fresh leaves of the tea plant, tea has been used for medicinal purposes in some parts of the planet for thousands of years. The benefits of tea range from boosting brain function to promoting weight loss. But tea doesn’t only have properties that improve the mind and body. It also can benefit the skin, which is why it’s often included as an ingredient in many sorts of beauty products. How can tea benefit your skin? Green tea features a wide selection of therapeutic properties which will benefit your skin during a sort of ways. a number of the foremost important benefits include the subsequent . Protects against carcinoma Green tea contains polyphenols and 6 differing types of...

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The Importance of Yoga

If you've got ever wanted to undertake yoga, it's time to urge out the mat.  Whether you are a fitness fanatic or just starting to exercise, yoga could even be the exercise for you.  This holistic mind and body exercise incorporates physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation.  Say "om" for better health and by practicing yoga, you can: 1. Improve flexibility and strength - Yoga stretches your muscles. Standing poses work on the muscles within the lower body, and inversions, like downward dog and arm balances, strengthen the upper body. 2.  Rise up straighter - Many yoga poses can strengthen the core muscles in your stomach and back. a strong core results in better posture, which may help prevent back...

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